Daily: Duck Boots

I really wish my mom would have kept her clothes from high school and college. I’m jealous of the girls whose moms did that. This is my mom’s response with seemingly everything I buy these days: “I had some just like that in college.” Take, for instance, the huge fake glasses I have; my mom had genuine huge glasses. Or, for example, take the boots I recently found at a thrift store. “I had duck boots just like these when I was in college. I wore them everywhere, rain and snow.” If only you had kept your clothes, Mom. Here’s the breakdown:

Shirt: Gap
Jeans:Garage sale (H&M)
Boots:Salvation Army
Earrings/Necklace/Watch:Garage sale

I love these duck boots. They kind of remind me of the high-heeled rubber boots Tommy Hilfiger put out this year, but mine were way cheaper. I feel invincible running around campus in these through the beautiful snow. I’ve seen tons of these boots before, mostly in thrift stores and at garage sale, but they caught my eye this particular day because I could see Alexa Chung rocking them. I know - silly. But I really do like them.

I really love my purse. It’s totally an old lady purse, but the color and the chain just gets me every time. 

Today (actually tonight) I have my first final of finals week, and then one more final to go until I’m home free!