Daily: Don't Worry - It's Back

Can you tell we had a bit of a snowstorm? Let me tell you, I’ll take snow over ice any day. I liked being able to walk to class without having to walk in the grass, and I liked having another excuse to wear my furry boots. Guess what the wind chill is supposed to be later on today? Ten to twenty degrees BELOW ZERO. Need more layers. Here’s the breakdown:

Turtleneck: Gap
Vest: Garage sale
Skirt: Gift (Simply Vera)
Boots: Famous Footwear
Clutch: Gift (Banana Republic)

This was one of those instances where some of these items just happened to be next to each other in my closet, and I thought why not. I was in the mood to wear a skirt. I’ve decided I need to wear a skirt or dress at least once a week in order to break up my college uniform of jeans or jeggings. That’ll be my New Year’s resolution for my blog.

If you haven’t gotten the chance, check out what I had to say about authentic blogging below, and have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be playing in the snow and writing a paper.