Daily: Done!

I am officially done with my fall semester! I’m spending the day packing and cleaning, and I’ll be headed home after dinner tonight. I can’t wait to spend the holidays with my family and friends. Also (warning: this will reveal how much of a nerd I am), I am so excited to read a book I¬†want to read, not a book I have to read for an assignment. Here’s the breakdown:

Top: Garage sale 
Faux Leather Leggings: Target
Flats: The Shoe Department
Ring: Borrowed from my roommate
Necklace: Elder Beerman

I have really been on a kick lately - a I-can’t-believe-I-forgot-I-had-this-stuffed-in-my-tiny-college-closet kick. Take this shirt, for example. I found it hanging under a blazer I also forgot I had bought during the summer. Seriously, every single day this week has been like a little moment of nearly-shopping joy because some of these items I forgot I had and I’ve never worn them before (they’re all from garage sales).

These faux leather leggings are my new favorites. Hopefully they draw more attention in the pictures than my crazy, windblown hair does, which seems to have taken on a life of its own today. Like the teal and light pink mix?