DIY Valentino flats

Valentino Rockstud Patent Leather T-Strap Flats

Hello, lovely Valentino flats I’ve had my eye on forever! Unfortunately, my post-grad, still-looking-for-a-full-time-job budget will not make room for these beauties in my closet. So I’ve been keeping my eye out during thrifting trips and garage sales for something similar I could DIY.

Enter these Sam & Libby t-strap flats (pre-studs) I found at a garage sale a few weeks ago for a dollar.

I immediately headed to the local Hobby Lobby, bought a BeDazzler (very ‘90s, I know) and started punching studs into the straps.

I couldn’t find pyramid studs that were readily available, so these dainty circle studs had to do. But I like the result! The BeDazzler managed to punch through the leather, too.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t position the BeDazzler to punch studs into the front of the shoe as the Valentino studs are positioned (without totally stretching out the leather), but I like the studs to the straps on these Sam & Libby flats. It adds a little pizzazz! If you happen to figure out a way to work the Bedazzler around the front of the flats, or if you know of where to find some pyramid studs, let me know! Check back tomorrow to see how I styled these DIY Valentino flats.