DIY Glitter Safety-Pin Bracelet

I’d been thinking about the perfect DIY gift to stash under my friends’ Christmas trees this holiday season, and while I loved some of the Pinterest ideas I came across, none of them seemed quite right. Then it hit me: I should DIY a bracelet I already own, love and wear on an almost-daily basis (see top left). Here’s how to DIY your own glitter safety-pin bracelet (originally from Dillard’s).

You’ll need:
Martha Stewart glitter (in fine or coarse) and glitter glue
Safety pins
Embroidery thread
2.5mm crimp tubes
Jump rings (an assortment of sizes)
Metal cord ends 

First, coat the heads of safety pins with glitter glue and cover with glitter. Allow to dry for an hour, then do another coat of glitter. Allow the glue to dry completely before handling.

Cut two 12-inch strings of embroidery thread and feed them through a jump ring, making four strands. Place a crimp tube over the four strands and secure tightly.

String an assortment of jump rings on the bracelet (or whatever else you might want on it). 

Wrap the ends of the strands around the end of the safety pin and secure the ends by crimping a metal cord end around the ends.

You’re all done! I made 18 bracelets for about $8. I can’t wait to give them to my friends!

Caitlin IsraelDIY, ProjectComment