DIY charm necklace

My mom mentioned during Christmas break that she had been seeing a lot of Shrinky Dink jewelry on Pinterest lately, so she thought we could make our own charm necklaces using the plastic material and some Forever 21 necklaces.

You’ll need:

Necklaces (or bracelets)
Shrinky Dink material
Stamps or stencils
Ink or colored pencils
Jump rings 

I picked these necklaces out at Forever 21 to add a few charms to. At $2.50 or less, they’re very affordable (and cute to boot).

Begin by stamping or stenciling an image onto the rough side of the Shrinky Dink sheet. I used this cute shoe stamp and dipped it in gold ink.

Then, using colored pencils, fill in the clear part of the stamp to give it more color. You can also use colored pencils to trace images, like I did with this Chipotle paper.

Cut out the image on the Shrinky Dink sheet.

Punch a hole in the image before you bake the material.

Follow the instructions for baking the Shrinky Dink images. It takes less than two minutes for the material to shrink down to a smaller, charm-like size.

Finally, use jump rings to attach the Shrinky Dink charms to the necklace. It’s easy, fast and adds a little pizzazz to already-adorable jewelry.