DIY anchor bracelet

Yesterday I had the DIY urge, and combined with my love of all things nautical during the summer, that meant I had to head to my local Jo-Ann store to grab some supplies. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, although working with copper wire was frustrating and the project took about two hours to complete. But the end is result is very worth it, especially if you love nautical pieces like I do. (P.S. I’m giving away one of these nautical bracelets here!)

You’ll need:
3 4-feet sections of colored copper wire (mine was navy blue, although red would be cute)
3 4-feet sections of hemp
Large jump rings
Spring-closing clasps
Anchor buttons
Wire cutters
Needlenose pliers 

Thread the hemp and wire through a jump ring, leaving the jump ring at the halfway point.

Safety-pin the jump ring to carpet or your jeans, and then braid the hemp and the wire, keeping the wire as visible as possible. Thread the buttons onto the wire, and continue braiding to the desired length. Tie the end to another jump ring.

Wrap extra wire around the ends next to the jump ring and squeeze closed with pliers. Slip on the spring-closing clasp to one jump ring. Use clear nail polish to seal the hemp ends and keep them from fraying. Then you’re done!