Daily: Dilemma

There are dilemma, issues, crises, and disasters, right? So far, I’ve only hit issues in my 20 years on this earth. I haven’t hit a crisis yet, although my quarter-life crisis is coming soon supposedly. When my dad hit his mid-life crisis, he bought a truck. Maybe I’ll buy a Chanel bag when my quarter-life crisis hits. For now, though, I’ll just deal with my dilemma of whether or not to wear two new pieces at the same time. Here’s the breakdown:

Striped Tee: Ann Taylor LOFT
Vest: Anthropologie
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Wedges: Salvation Army (Marc Fisher)
Bag: Garage sale
Necklace: Garage sale
Bangles: Charming Charlie 

My two newly-acquired pieces are my striped tee (with lace!) and my army vest. I really couldn’t decide which piece to wear first, and after much deliberation, an idea smacked me upside the head. Why not combine the two? After all, stripes plus a military-inspired vest mixed with a few tough accessories and a pop of color couldn’t be more genius. Dilemma averted.