Daily/Weekly Findings: June 4

After such an awesome day garage saling yesterday, my hopes were perhaps a little too high for today’s garage saling. Not a whole lot of good stuff could be found. But I found enough to make an outfit out of yesterday and today’s findings! Here’s the breakdown:

Blouse: Garage sale (Izod)
Camisole: Gap
Jacket: Garage sale (Target)
Shorts: Garage sale (Ann Taylor LOFT)
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Garage sale
Watch: Garage sale

The military-inspired jacket was my big find today. The lady had it stickered at $10 then at $8. I saw it, saw the price, and thought it was way too expensive for a garage sale price. Then my mom saw it and had me try it on; it, of course, fit perfectly. So I did a little bargaining. I asked the lady if she’d take it for $5, and she said yes! If I were to put a book together of garage saling tips, the number one tip would be don’t be afraid to bargain.

Also, if you look closely at all of my previous pictures, you’ll notice I have a splint on my left thumb due to an intramural softball game gone wrong. After five weeks of wearing the splint, my broken thumb is healed and out of the splint. Wahoo!