Daily: Silver and Grey (Or is it Gray?)

After a hot day of working at the flea market, I was happy to be able to sit in air-conditioning for most of the day. My dad had an appointment in Fort Wayne, and, of course, I was happy to go with him and my mom. I was also happy to have Starbucks, which, according to my friends, is necessary for a trip an hour or longer with the Wilsons. Old habits die hard, people, and I’d say my skinny Java Chip Frappucino with caramel is ancient. Here’s the breakdown:

Shirt: Garage sale (American Eagle)
Vest: Peebles
Shorts: Gap
Sandals: Rue21
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Aeropostale

I’m sad to report that the flea market was full of nothing but cheap, imported bags and fake designer sunglasses. I really want a pair of real Ray Bans, so I thought that since I’m on the college budget, I’d give up the dream and drop five bucks on a pair of brown fake Ray Bans. But I decided against it; my dream will live on. I went with the silver/grey theme today, mostly because I wanted to wear this necklace, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Apparently, old ladies like what I wear. I went into the grocery store today, and the cashier (who was an older lady) said, “Oooh, I really like your necklace! It makes quite a statement.” I chuckled to myself and almost said, “That’s why they call it the statement necklace.” But I went the more polite route instead. Then, walking out of the hospital today, a very fashionable but older lady looked me up and down as she was walking into the hospital and I was getting into my car, and said, “I love your sandals.” She was so fashionable herself that I made a pact that when I’m that old, I’m still going to be in style; she was rockin’.