Daily: Mad Plaid

I had the joy today of helping my mom move classrooms at the school at which she teaches. Mom, a little note to you: I don’t think you need any more books. But I didn’t mind helping at all. It’s nice to spend some time with my mom during the summer break. Add to the moving a few errands and the fact that the lovely weather just keeps on a-comin’! Just a little bit chilly, which means I pulled out this plaid shirt I recently got at a garage sale (surprise). Here’s the break

Plaid Shirt: Garage sale (Chaps)
Camisole: Gap

Shorts: Gap
Sandals: Maurices
Necklace: Gap
Ring: Kohls

I am so glad that plaid has transformed from something a country bumpkin would wear into something everybody can wear, whether you prefer punk or preppy. And plaid is always a reminder of fall (for me, at least), which is the best season weather-wise and fashion-wise. I can’t wait to pair this shirt with fall-like items in autumn!