Daily: Killer Mondays

Mondays this semester are killer. I’m in class from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. almost straight, which means I want to be comfortable in what I wear without conforming to the typical college uniform (a.k.a. sweats or pajamas). So here’s the breakdown:

Button-Up Shirt: Gap
Camisole: Gap
Skinny Jeans: Dear by Amanda Bynes
Boat Shoes: Bass
Necklace: Von Maur
Watch: Garage Sale
Jacket: French Cuff (TJ Maxx)

I love the collar on this jacket, which was under $15, I believe. Being the poor undergrad, I’m always looking for the best deals possible. The boating shoes are actually from the men’s section. They were having an amazing deal at the Bass store, so my dad bought two pairs and I bought a pair (because you couldn’t mix and match women’s and men’s). I can never turn down a pair of cute shoes and a good deal!

Thanks to Liz for taking the pics.