Curls rock

I’ve had curly hair all my life. I certainly was in denial about it for a few years (hello, ponytails and scrunchies in 4th through 6th grade), but I have grown to love and appreciate my hair. 

I have tried multitudes of styling products to attempt to cut down on frizz and define my curls. Some have worked, and others haven’t. 

In honor of National Wear Your Hair Curly Day, Garnier Fructis sent their Curl Calm Down cream to me. While it doesn’t provide much in the way of volume or definition (like a gel or a mousse would), my hair felt softer and smoother after using it — something absolutely necessary in the summer humidity. Find your own bottle here or at your local drugstore.

*This post is sponsored by Garnier Fructis and People StyleWatch Style Hunters.