Apparently my roommate has quite the talent for coming up with songs that correspond to my outfits. Case in point: as we’re walking back from the library, she begins singing the classic “Slave 4 U,” all because of the gold cuffs around my wrists. Then she decides to take a literal twist and make me carry her books because I was her slave for that moment. Thanks, roommate. Here’s the breakdown:

Tee: Borrowed from my roommate
Skirt: Simply Vera via Kohl’s
Tights: Kohl’s
Booties: Simply Vera via Kohl’s
Cuffs: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Clutch: Brahmin (c/o) 

I was slightly skeptical of buying swiss dot tights, for fear they might make my legs look disease-ridden or something. However, after seeing multiple bloggers rock them without looking sick, I decided to give them a go. I love the mix of the very feminine tights with the roughness of these slightly glamourized wedge booties. Juxtaposition is where it’s at.