Daily: Converted

One of the best parts (in my opinion) about working full-time and not living in the vicinity of my work is the excuse to change bags with every outfit actually carry a bag that’s not my bookbag or my laptop bag. That’s the bad thing about college—you get lazy and stuff everything in one very unstylish bookbag. Here’s the breakdown:

Black Tee: Macy’s
Cardigan: Goodwill (Ann Taylor LOFT)
Denim Skirt: Gap
Heels: Banana Republic
Bag/Clutch: Goodwill
Assorted Bracelets/Watch: Garage sale/my grandma’s
Necklace: Target

If you haven’t noticed lately, I’ve been very in to changing my bags (compared to my other posts in which I typically don’t even carry a bag). I’ve particularly been in to carrying clutches, but this bag has got to be one of my favorites. Why? Again, it’s that multi-functionalism; you can remove the strap, and voila! It becomes a clutch.

In the past few weeks, I have become a big believer in the power of the clutch. I used to think they weren’t as great as bags with a strap because you had to carry them. Isn’t the point of a bag that you don’t have to carry everything in there and it just sits on your shoulder instead? As I said, I have become a big believer in clutched. Consider me converted.