Daily: Contrast

As promised, here is the first daily for the week. Thanks for understanding about the need to take a break during fall break. And, as promised, the shots today are in front of the beautiful bushes that line the library. How brilliant is this red? It’s quite a contrast to the navy in my blazer. And I like it. Here’s the breakdown:

Striped Tee: Old Navy
Blazer: Goodwill
Boyfriend Jeans: Elle (Kohl’s)
Leopard Flats: Payless
Headbands: ???
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: American Eagle

There is something special about being collegiate and wearing blazers. I always feel like such a good student whenever I wear one, especially a cute one like this that I bought at Goodwill for two dollars. I love the white piping and how it pops against the dark navy.

I was a little iffy as to what shoes I should wear today: bright yellow or leopard? But I chose the leopard, even though I was a little afraid of too much clash between the stripes of my shirt and the print of my flats. But I think it worked out well, so maybe I’ll try the yellow shoes next time.

Also, I dyed my hair this weekend. It’s a little hard to tell because of the red in the bushes, but my hair is indeed redder. I was always meant to be a redhead, I think…