FBFF: Colors and Jil Sander

As you well know, I spent almost all of the day yesterday in Indy, so blog posts weren’t exactly on my mind for today. Normally on Fridays, I post my answer for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (courtesy of Katy at ModlyChic) and my daily outfit; but because of the busyness of the past couple of days, I’ll just be posting FBFF today. BUT tomorrow, I’ll post a daily outfit, just for you guys. And Sunday, I have a fun announcement to make about the posts for next week, so keep checking Re-Mix-Her over the weekend. 

This week’s FBFF is all about color, inspired by the wonderful tights from We Love Colors

1. What color dominates your closet? 

If you couldn’t tell from all the heavily-black outfits I posted this week, I’d say black and other neutrals dominate my closet. I love the fact that neutrals can be paired with anything, including other neutrals. Yes, that even means you, Black and Brown (my personal favorite).

2. If money weren’t an issue, how would you change the color emphasis in your closet? 

As cheesy as this sounds, I’d incorporate all the cliche colors of every season into my wardrobe. For spring and summer, I’d bring out bright colors, khakis, and whites. For fall, I’d change it up a little bit and make it darker with more neutrals. For winter, I’d buy lots of red (for the holidays) and white. 

3. What is your mantra about mixing colors? 

I am beginning to have a new mantra about mixing colors after seeing all of the Spring 2011 looks walk down the runway. The Jil Sander collection was an eyeful at first, but upon a few closer looks, you have to give Raf Simons props for his genius at mixing colors. My new mantra for the spring is Just try it. You never know when the mix may be absolutely brilliant.

4. For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits? 

I feel incorporating color is easier to do in the summer when you actually feel like wearing colors. I try to add a little splash of color with shoes, which I think are the easiest way to incorporate color. You can never go wrong with red shoes. Scarves are great (and inexpensive) color-adders, as well.

5. Which blogger do you think does a good job of incorporating color into her wardrobe? 

This one is obvious: Jessica of What I Wore. Not only does she consider colors as essential to her daily outfits, but she has begun putting a color palette of her outfits with each post. After seeing so many different color combinations from her, I’ve made it my mission during February to add some color into each outfit. The more unexpected, the better!

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