Color party

My room has become more bare, as has my closet, over the past two weeks or so. In an attempt to move as much of my stuff out of my room before graduation, my available wardrobe has been depleted. My books are gone (although I won’t complain about textbooks leaving). Even my room decorations are gone. Here’s the breakdown:

Blazer: Isaac Mizrahi for Target via Goodwill
Striped Tank: Banana Republic via Saver’s
Shorts: Goodwill (similar here)
Sandals: Elle via Kohl’s
Sunnies: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx
Bag: Goodwill
Ring: American Eagle
Necklace: ??? (similar here)

The recent warm weather here has made me pull out what shorts I do have here at school, including the yellow shorts I mentioned in Saturday’s post. Primary colors will forever remind me of summer, and I love the many pops of color in this outfit. Yellow shorts! Navy blazer! Red stripes! Orange nails! It’s a color party.