Closet makeover 2014

IMG_6703Now that it’s officially March and well into “it feels like winter but I wish it was spring” season, I’m about to take on the enormous task of spring cleaning. I typically go through my entire closet at least twice a year — once as I swap winter with spring/summer clothes and again as I swap warm-weather clothes with fall/winter items.

This year, though, is different. In looking at my mess of a closet above (and that’s only — gulp — half of it), I’ve realized just how many clothes I have that I never wear. I might wear them once a year, and in past closet clean-out sessions, that justified keeping those items. But no more. I want to fall back in love with my closet, and step one means doing a very deep cleaning. I’m determined to keep only those items I absolutely love and that feel the most me. That will leave room for buying higher-quality staple pieces I’ll get more use out of than the many items I currently have as space-wasters in my closet.

This will inevitably involve many a Goodwill trip. But YOU can benefit from my closet clean-out, too! I’m going to be selling some items on Poshmark! Be on the lookout over the next few weeks as my Poshmark closet continues to grow and my actual closet begins to shrink.

So what are you up to this weekend? Tonight I’ll be attending Omaha Fashion Week, so if you’re in town and heading to the event, as well, please say hi!