Daily: Chunky Necklace

Toward the end of the summer, I almost always feel like I’m running out of ideas and I’m sick of my regular shorts and shirts. I am dying for fall to be here so I can wear blazers and sweaters and boots and layers. But it doesn’t look like the temperature is coming down anytime soon, so I thought flowers would be the perfect pick-me-up. Here’s the breakdown:

Blouse: Garage sale (JCrew)
Camisole: Gap
Shorts: Garage sale (LOFT)
Sandals: TJ Maxx (Steve Madden)
Necklace: Elder Beerman

I bought my necklace a few days ago. My mom thinks it looks like a prehistoric, amazonian caterpillar, but I love the chunkiness of it. It’s so chunky, in fact, that I feel like I¬†shouldn’t wear any other accessories so they don’t compete with the necklace. The JCrew blouse I bought last year at a garage sale for fifty cents! I bought a few more JCrew blouses at the same garage sale that I might pull out this week to wear. This just seems like a classy outfit that’s great for a relaxing weekend.

I’m almost done with one of my hats, which I’ll probably post tomorrow! I have a busy week coming up, what with packing and my birthday!