Chicago: Day 1

So far, in the short two days I have to spend in Chicago with my mom, we’ve had a blast. Most of our time has been spent a few miles from downtown, although we did manage to get stuck in traffic for an hour in downtown (so I guess I got a glimpse then). We’ve indulged in some amazing Greek food, and today I’m spending the day shopping while my mom attends a conference. Here’s the breakdown (and a few glimpses of my first day in Chicago):

Jacket: Garage sale
Tee: Salvation Army
Shorts: H&M
Booties: Target
Cuffs: H&M
Bag: Brahmin (c/o Vogue) 

The obligatory Starbucks for a roadtrip

What my mom called “the best bread she’s ever had at a restaurant” (I’d have to agree)

Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves)

The biggest gyro I’ve ever seen