Daily: Catch Phrase

Today seems to be the last warm day until about April, so I decided I’d take advantage of it and wear a dress without tights. It was ridiculously windy today, though, so my catch phrase today was, “Thank goodness for Spandex.” I felt like I was in the midst of a tornado all day. Here’s the breakdown:

Dress: Walmart
Cardigan: TJ Maxx (American Eagle)
Belt: Liz Claiborne
Boots: Garage sale
Ankle Socks: ???
Earrings: Peebles
Ring: Payless

I wore this dress earlier in the summer, which you can see here. I decided to put a fall spin on it, so I paired it with a little bit of leopard and some ankle socks. They’re not exactly ankle socks, but you get my drift. I was a little wary of the whole socks trend (it reminds me of when I was a little girl), but I’ve decided it can be done in a very classy way. I also love it when you can see cool knee-high socks poking out of somebody’s rainboot. Mental note: try that the next time it rains. Other mental note: buy some cool knee-high socks before then.

I bought this belt at least four years ago, but I never really wore it until this year when leopard was suddenly all the rage. I like the little pop of print it adds, but even more than that, I just love that the whole ensemble reminds me of fall.