Daily: Cashmere Dreams

After much debate and debacle, back and forth, research and work, I have decided to stick with Tumblr, despite all its maintenance issues and error messages. Yes, Tumblr, I am giving you the second chance we all need in life, so you can keep my blog…for now. Please don’t ever do what you did last Sunday, or else I’ll reconsider moving platforms again. Here’s the breakdown:

Camisole: Gap
Cashmere Sweater: Garage sale
Jeans: Garage sale (H&M)
Boots: Target
Leather Jacket: Garage sale (Ann Taylor)
Scarf: American Eagle
Earrings: American Eagle/Peebles
Hair Pins: Handmade 

Some day, you have to forgo trends and high fashion for the sake of warmth. Take today, for instance, during which you have ridiculously chilling winds and low temperatures. I always reach for cashmere when I’m in the mood to be warm, cozy, and comfortable. My first few cashmere sweaters were bought at the actual stores (shocking, I know), but this blue beauty was bought this summer at a garage sale. What could possibly be more dreamy than affordable cashmere? Let me help you answer; not much else.

Aren’t my hair pins sweet? The camera made them look a little funky; they’re actually pearls. Actually, they’re not real pearls. They’re buttons! I made a whole bunch of these cute pins last year at Christmas time to give to my friends. I found some darling buttons at Jo-Ann Fabrics, hot glued them onto bobby pins, and made mini cards to include with the pins. Oh, and I made some for me, too (they were too cute to pass up).¬†

Do you have some creative and inexpensive Christmas gift ideas?