Outerwear Week: Cashmere Blue

I know I keep on taking these dorky kicking-snow-in-the-air pictures, but sometimes, you just have to let loose…in the snow. Seriously, who doesn’t have some of their best childhood memories in the snow? Sledding, snowball fights, getting smacked in the face with a snowball and crying. Just some of my favorites. Here’s the breakdown:

Coat: Garage sale (Steve Madden)
Hat, Scarf, and Gloves: Garage sale (Charter Club)

Today was a shocker because I didn’t wear anything either my mom or I made, but this hat, scarf, and gloves set was almost as good as making it myself. Think garage sale. Think three dollars. Think major DEAL! My mom found this cashmere set (still with the tags) at a garage sale this summer and promptly threw the set into my arms. Cashmere? Blue? What could be better than that?

So this weekend, I’m headed home because we have a three-day weekend, so I thought I’d get in a relaxing weekend before the final two weeks of J-term! Have a great weekend, everybody! 

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