Caped crusader

Since coming home for break on Wednesday evening, I have been a busy girl. I know I said on Friday that I did absolutely nothing on Thursday, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday were busy days (and yes, it was my goal in this post to try to name as many days of the week as possible). What with Christmas shopping, thrifting and Christmas parties to attend, life has kept me pretty busy. Here’s the breakdown:

Cape: DIY
Turtleneck: Banana Republic via Goodwill
Denim: Old Navy
Boots: Walmart
Necklace: Gift
Bag: Brahmin (c/o)

This cape is part of what kept me busy this weekend with DIY projects. I’ve wanted a cape like this for awhile, but the pricetags have been a little hefty for me. The solution? P.S. I made this. Her instructions for making your own cape are spot on, and this cape cost me $11.98 to make. It took about two hours after all was said and done, including cutting and surging the edges. I’m in love with it, and I think it can only get better with a skinny brown belt.