Daily: Break Me Off a Piece of That...Break

My break is going to consist of reading, episodes of 24 and The Office on Netflix, and knitting. The best part of breaks between semester is no homework! My break is also going to consist of long, warm cardigans and huge scarves. I am all about comfort during breaks. Here’s the breakdown:

Cardigan: Garage sale (Ann Taylor LOFT)
Ruffle Tank: Gift (Banana Republic)
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Boots: Target
Belt: Garage sale
Headband: Target
Necklace: Gift (American Eagle)

This was one of those outfits where I wasn’t too keen on the whole matchy-matchy grays, but I ended up liking it the more as I wore it. Not to mention that the gorgeous, ruffled tank from Banana Republic helps elevate the look. You just can’t go wrong with Banana Republic. If anybody wants to give me a shopping spree to Banana Republic, I will have absolutely no qualms accepting it. No qualms whatsoever.

More to come on my break. Be ready for an update on my almost-ready cardigan. I cannot wait to finish it. Soon, my friends. Soon.