Boots under $100


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Every fall as I swap out my wardrobe (which I did this past weekend), I take an inventory of my boots. For the most part, I gravitate toward classic styles in leather that never seem outdated, but because I wear my boots so often in the winter, I usually end up replacing a pair or two every year. What with the rain, snow and salt, my boots take a beating each winter. This season, however, my boots seem to be holding up and in good shape, so instead I treated myself to this pair that — while pretty trendy and not leather — make me happy.

I’ve rounded up a variety boots that are great deals at under $100 each, and some of them are real steals. From trendy to classic, I hope you can find something here to use as a jumping-off point in case you’re boot-shopping at the moment. (P.S. My favorites are the hunter green ones and the cutout flat boots.)