Blogger books

One of the best parts of being involved with the personal-style and fashion blogging community is just that: the community. Whether it’s via commenting back-and-forth on one another’s blogs or tweeting each other, I have met some amazing people in this community. 

That’s why I’m telling you to check out these books: "Cupcakes and Cashmere,“ ”What I Wore“ and ”Style Yourself.“ These books were either written by bloggers within the community, or bloggers are the subject of them. Support these bloggers and buy their books (or at least take a peek at them at your local bookstore). This post is in no way sponsored by these bloggers or their publishers; instead, it’s just one personal-style blogger saying I believe in and support the blogging community.

A few more bloggers’ books you might want to check out: ”P.S. I made This“ and ”I Spy DIY Style.“

What about you? Any niche books you read or buy to support a community?