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Hat: Forever 21 | Striped Top: Forever 21 (last fall) | Denim: Gap | Flats: Forever 21 (last fall) | Bag: Thrifted | Necklace: American Eagle

This weekend can only be described in one word: whirlwind. After working for 11 hours on Friday to prep for a computer-less weekend, my friends and I headed down to Kansas City to Worlds of Fun for a day of coasters. While it was no Cedar Point (my favorite theme park), it was still a day full of laughs and a little light-headedness, especially after one coaster called the Boomerang. I even managed to be fairly productive yesterday and get most of my room/office to-do list completed! And to think … all this before a Monday.

I won’t lie: I spent Monday through Thursday of last week in sweats with no makeup and a box of tissues at the ready. Being sick is no fun. On Friday afternoon, though, I was feeling a bit better and headed out for some coffee, so stripes, boyfriend jeans and my newest addition to my hat collection were very much in order after a grueling week.