Daily: Black Dress Night

This weekend was filled with memories made, laughs with friends and good food. One of the highlights was my wing’s annual black dress night. We got gussied up and hit the town campus for dinner and a musical. We saw A Christmas Carol, which only fueled my desire to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Here’s the breakdown:

Dress: Vintage via Salvation Army
Tights: Kohl’s
Heels: Calvin Klein via DSW
Faux Fur Jacket: Garage sale
Gloves: Coach via Salvation Army
Bangles: Garage sale/Elder Beerman

Tonight’s theme was all vintage-inspired. I felt like such a ‘30s girl with my faux fur and leather gloves. Of course, the dress helped a bit, too, considering it’s a few decades old. Wearing it last Friday night made me wonder what other events it’s been worn to. If only clothes could tell tales of stories past!