Beauty favorites

IMG_2507After seeing Julia’s beauty update post where she featured some of her favorite new products and after a weekend trip to Sephora and picking up a few other new items here and there, I wanted to share my new beauty favorites with you. I finally remembered to stop by the MAC counter to pick up lip primer, and I’ve heard this one is the best in the business for making lip color last all day long.IMG_2531Admittedly, I haven’t actually tried this mascara from Revlon yet. I’m waiting for my current tube to give up the ghost. I’m always trying new mascaras, though, and this one intrigued me because of Emma Stone. I mean, if Emma Stone is wearing that mascara, I have to try it, right? Anybody else completely influenced by celebs in makeup ads? I’m a sucker. IMG_2532This Sephora eyeshadow has the perfect amount of shimmer to it, and while I bought it on clearance because the color was discontinued, you can find a very similar shade here. I also picked up green eyeliner for an eye-catching look on a hot summer day when I want an unfussy yet playful look.  IMG_2533Last but not least, this Smashbox lipstick in posy pink is my ideal shade. It’s slightly brighter than my natural lip color but not so overwhelming that it’s completely obvious I’m wearing lipstick.

What have been some of your current beauty favorites? I’d love to know. Have a wonderful weekend!