Daily: Bargain Shopping Success

Coming back to school can be such a bummer after a wonderful break! I’m jumping right in with two papers and a presentation within the next two weeks, on top of figuring out next semester’s class schedule. I’m going to be a busy, busy girl. Luckily I have some new clothes from vacation to keep me motivated, not to mention the beautiful spring weather that’s coming little by little. Here’s the breakdown:

Floral Blouse: Elle (Kohl’s)
Jeggings: Old Navy
Boots: DSW online
Earrings: Peebles/Gift

One of my last days of vacation, I went to our local Kohl’s. I was never really a Kohl’s fan until they began carrying the lines by Elle, Vera Wang, and Lauren Conrad. You can imagine my delight when I walked out of the store with four items by the aforementioned lines for a little over $25. The cashier told me the total and said, “You just saved $216.” I practically beamed. Bargain shopping success!

So this floral blouse was one of my finds. I loved the incorporation of both the print and the lace, and because the shirt kind of spoke for itself, I kept the rest of my outfit simple. I considered going with black ankle boots but decided on the brown lace-ups; they just give a little unexpectedness to the outfit. Add some gorgeous earrings and a messy¬†up-do, and you’ve got just the right amount of romantic-inspired style - just in time for a little spring sunshine!