Daily: Artsy

This Daylight Savings Time stuff is really screwing with when I get my pictures taken! It’s certainly nice to wake up with the sun shining in the morning, but when it gets dark at 5:30 at night, it always makes the day seem extremely short. I feel like I should go to bed when it’s only 8:30. Here’s the breakdown:

Wrap Blouse: TJ Maxx
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Dear
Boots: Walmart
Ring: Banana Republic
Necklaces: gifts

The ikat print on this wrap blouse is pretty awesome. Wearing this shirt makes me feel artsy, even though I can’t draw/paint/sculpt for the life of me. I think I’ll stick with writing, fashion, and music.

I bought these boots at least four years ago. I made my friend Christine buy the brown pair (which she never wore!), and while I haven’t worn them a lot over the past few years, I felt like this year seemed to be the year to pull them back out. They were less than $20, and for the cost-per-wear that I’ve been getting out of them this season alone, they’ll practically pay for themselves.

Cost per wear. It’s a woman’s way of making herself feel better about purchases.

Have a great weekend, everybody!