Daily: April Showers

April showers had better bring May flowers, especially with all of the rain we’ve been getting lately. My roommate and I went for a walk/run around campus yesterday evening, and we both couldn’t believe how green the grass was. That’s one of the best parts of Spring: going from the whiteness of Winter into Spring’s explosion of color. Here’s the breakdown:

Trench: TJ Maxx (The Limited)
Cardigan: Elder Beerman
Button-Up: Goodwill (J.Crew)
Jeggings: Old Navy
Rain Boots: Goodwill
Scarf: Borrowed from my roommate
Earrings: Kohl’s
Leather Bracelets: TJ Maxx/Gift
Umbrella (held): WalMart 
Nail Polish: Red Nouveau by Essie  

Mother Nature has dumped rain on us so often recently that I’m glad I bought these rain boots when I did. They are coming in handy, especially while traipsing across campus. Luckily, we caught some pictures in between spurts of rain (which is the reason my umbrella is not being put to use in the pictures). I will always gravitate toward blue and brown together, so I mixed in a few different shades of blue and a shot of green and silver in the scarf.

Also, isn’t my hair absolutely amazing? Not only does my roommate graciously allow me to borrow her clothes (like the scarf I’m wearing), but she also does my hair for me because I’m so hair-challenged. Best. Roommate. Ever.