Apartment life | Part 2

As I mentioned in my last apartment post, decorating is never, ever complete. Right now, this side of my room looks a little bare. I’m waiting for my dresser to be delivered, so part of my closet is still in tubs next to my vanity, seen above. While I’m waiting to complete the rest of my room, however, I couldn’t bear staring at bare walls. I’m sure these frames will be moved once my dresser arrives, but for now, they’re serving their purpose.

The other bad part of not yet having my dresser? My office is a little crammed with accessories. Not that I mind — they’re so pretty to look at. 

This is our dining room. My bestie/roommate, Liz (see her blog here), is a photographer, and she furnished our dining room walls with some serious hunger-inducing photos.

My plans for the weekend include enjoying the sunny, 70-degree weather we’re having! A weekend with no solid plans sound like the ideal end to this work week. Have a great one!