Daily: Anything But Settled On

I must say that as much as I use my blog to comment on complain about the recent weather (like the 30-degree swing between morning and 5 p.m.), I am grateful for this last warm spell we’re having before we delve deep into fall. It gives me the chance to practice my layering skills, and I don’t feel rushed going from class to class in an attempt to stay warm. Instead, I am tryng to enjoy the last bit of warmth. Here’s the breakdown:

Blouse: H&M
Vest: Anthropologie
Boyfriend Jeans: Kohl’s (Elle)
Oxfords: eBay (Steve Madden)
Bag: Garage sale (Coach) 

All of the items I’m wearing represent staples in my wardrobe, so it only made sense to pair them together. Leopard print and olive green have slowly evolved to become recurrent themes in my recent wardrobe. As much as this vest begged (yet again) to be paired with stripes, I managed to resist and instead settled on my asymmetric leopard blouse … although with the way I’ve been talking up my shirt, perhaps “settled on” isn’t the right phrase.

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