An outfit of favorites

IMG_2932 IMG_2944 IMG_2938 IMG_2951

Blouse: Goodwill | Skirt: Target | Sandals: TJ Maxx | Hat: Marshalls | Bag: Maurizio Taiuti via Garage sale | Sunnies: H&M | Earrings: Lauren Conrad | Cuff: Lia Sophia (borrowed from Liz)

When in doubt or in a rush, throw together your favorites! That’s how this outfit happened: my chambray blouse (which I wear all the time), my peach skirt (which still feels brand new to me) and my Panama hat (which needed to happen with the mess of hair on my head). 

Yesterday was such a fun day. Liz and I headed downtown to finish out the workday at Starbucks and get a great parking spot because of the College World Series (that’s baseball, for all you non-sport types) craziness that’s happening right now. We ate at a great burger joint (DJ’s Dugout) and then headed to the park to catch the 7:00 game.

Have a great Tuesday!