Guest Post: Alex of Delayed Missives

Hello, dear readers of Re-Mix-Her! I’m Alex and I blog at Delayed Missives. I’m making a guest appearance here while Caitlin is busy getting ready for the start of her senior year at college.

Delayed Missives is my personal style blog where I post photos of whatever I’m wearing. Sometimes I share my fashiony adventures, too, like seeing Savage Beauty at the Met earlier this year. I intern for a jewelry designer in New York so I often get to borrow cool pieces! Working in the fashion industry in New York would be my ideal job and I’m hoping to find a full time position before the end of the year.

I love high end fashion, but I tend to wear a mishmash of brands and designers. I’m wearing a Forever 21 dress and Zara belt, my bag is Rebecca Minkoff (sample sale score!) and there are Stuart Weitzman espadrilles under the monstrously long dress. I’ve also recently become reobsessed with this sweater from Urban Outfitters that I’ve had for more than six years.

I read Re-Mix-Her because I love seeing Caitlin dress so stylishly even if it’s just for classes. I admire her creativity and I wish I had developed a more personal sense of style while I was still in college!

I can’t wait for Caitlin to be back to regular posting, but I had fun with this guest post and I hope you’ll visit me sometime at Delayed Missives. Good luck and make the most of your last year, Caitlin! Happy birthday, too!