Daily: Advocate

I am so sad to admit that this weekend is my last weekend in Arkansas. Unfortunately, my internship is coming to an end, and before I know it, I will be headed back to school for my senior year of undergrad. I really don’t like how quickly time seems to pass. Fortunately, I’ll have a few weeks in between the two big moves to spend time with my family in Indiana and to celebrate my 21st birthday. Here’s the breakdown:

Chambray Blouse: Garage sale
Jeggings: Gap
Booties: Target
Bag: Banana Republic
Sunnies: Forever 21
Watch: Garage sale
Bracelets: Dillard’s/TJ Maxx

I must admit that I am a huge advocate of the bracelet stack. I love that the bracelets can be completely different metals and materials, yet somehow they all seem to work together. Plus, a chunky men’s watch always adds a little oomph to the stack. I have a feeling this will quickly become the norm for my left wrist … so much so that when I don’t have them on, I’ll probably knock something over from my left arm feeling so suddenly weightless.

By the way, still absolutely giddy over this bag. Best purchase of the summer right there. Any big weekend plans?