Daily: A Guest Appearance

Look who decided to make a sneak appearance in my photos! Unfortunately, she wasn’t cooperating much and wouldn’t look at the camera. She can be such a diva sometimes. Yesterday were exciting times at my house when my dad found some snakes in our backyard and our dog went after one of them. Yes, we have snakes in Indiana…unfortunately. Here’s the breakdown:

Striped Tee: H&M
Shorts: Goodwill
Sandals: Rue21
Fedora: Rue21
Bracelets: Garage sale/Gifts

I am such a sucker for stripes. If you look on my Pinterest, you’ll see that it’s cluttered with lots of stripes. I kept the silver going throughout the outfit, playing off the shoulder details (which I still think are fabulous). 

In some exciting news, I’m “moving” to Little Rock, Arkansas, for the next eight weeks because I have an internship down there! I’m really excited, although I’m sad I won’t be home with my family for the majority of the summer. I’m also really scared of the humidity down there; I have a feeling my hair will be huge for the next few weeks as I attempt to tame the beast. 

What are you guys doing for the weekend? I know I’m going to be traveling for the majority of the weekend. I’ll keep you guys up to date on my trip through Twitter and Facebook!