A birthday to remember

IMG_3901 IMG_3877 IMG_3913 IMG_3934Not only are birthdays a day for celebrating, but they’re also a day for reflecting on the past year. I think back to this post (last year on my birthday) and am amazed at how much has happened since turning 22. A full year out of school. A full year of working at a job I love. Moving hours and hours away from “home.” Living on my own for the first time. A new apartment. New friends. A new life, really.

I’ve been so thankful for my friends who have made living in a new place enjoyable and an adventure: my roommate/twin/photographer, Liz (seen two pictures above), and my new friends Emma and Anna (seen in the above photo). 

These three surprised me with a trip last weekend to a local vineyard to celebrate my birthday a bit early since Liz and I are taking a road trip to Salt Lake this weekend. Then two nights ago, Liz surprised me with dinner at a fancy steakhouse (so good!), and tonight we’re seeing an old friend from school who’s passing through Omaha.

All that to say, thank you, my friends, for making year 22 such a good one. Here’s to 23, more adventures, and more laughs!