Daily: 99% Thrifted

January usually doesn’t mean rain here in the Midwest. However, January seems to be a little confused this week, so it’s raining here. That means ice tonight when the temp drops below freezing, which means I can’t wear my new boots. At least, I won’t want to fall on my can or twist my ankle. Guess I’ll have to just see what tomorrow’s like. Here’s the breakdown:

Striped Tee: Garage sale (Gap)
Chambray Blouse (underneath): Garage sale
Blazer: Goodwill (Isaac Mizrahi for Target)
Jeans: Garage sale (H&M)
Duck Boots: Salvation Army
Bag: Salvation Army (Tignanello)
Watch: Garage sale
Necklace: Gift

Wow. As I’m typing this out, I just realized that every single part of this outfit is thrifted, except for my necklace, which was a Christmas present. This, my friends, is the culmination of my hard work while garage saling during the summer and the equivalent of garage saling during the winter (also known as Goodwill and Salvation Army).

Isn’t my bag so cute? I love how it plays off the brown in my duck boots. Yes, I promise the bag is a light, buttery brown, even if it looks yellow. I was going for Alexa Chung-ish with this outfit. She is the epitome of personal style. Now all I need to find is a thrifted Madewell bag. Haha, that was a joke. 

Thanks to my good friend Alyssa for braving the cold and taking these pictures for me!