Daily: '70s Love

I never was one to love dressing in decades, other than the one I was living in. People say they love the ‘40s or the '60s, and while I think the clothes during those decades are amazing, I never understood why people would focus their entire wardrobes on a decade other than the current one. That was until I was introduced to this outfit. Here’s the breakdown:

Blouse: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: WalMart
Bag: Garage sale
Hat: H&M
Rings: Charming Charlie 

I have been completely inspired by the current '70s trends, everything from the colors, the skirts and the hair to the hats and the flare jeans. I infused a little '70s into my outfit with my flare jeans (which have taken a backseat to my skinnies as of late) and with my new floppy. felted hat from H&M. I had been searching for a felted hat forever until a few weeks ago when I found this $15 beauty. Hello, new obsession!