Setting My 2018 Goals


Despite all the clichés surrounding the beginning of a new year, I must admit I love January 1. It truly does feel like a time of refreshment and starting new habits. I've spent all month setting some goals for myself for 2018, so I wanted to share those with you!


1. Learning a new language: My husband's family is from Egypt and speaks Arabic, so I'm going to use the Mango Languages app for a few minutes each day to pick up on as much as I can. In case you're interested in learning a new language, you should see if your local library has a subscription to the app (most libraries do)—which means it's free! Not only do you learn common phrases and conversation starters, but the app includes some background about the culture and the language you might not otherwise learn.

2. Feeling healthier: I'm not calling this section losing weight because the stigma behind that phrase often brings negative connotations, such as diet, workout regime, etc. I'm calling this section feeling healthier because I don't want to measure my progress by numbers but by how I feel in terms of energy levels and positive thoughts. If you're following me on Instagram, you might know that my husband and I have joined Weight Watchers, and I've been using Instagram to talk about our progress so far, recipes I've enjoyed, etc. Feeling healthier is more about a lifestyle change to me, so I'm going to buckle down about using Weight Watchers to feel better about myself in the coming year. I'm also considering joining the Sweat app from BBG founder Kayla Itsines.


3. Staying organized: If 2017 taught me anything between maintaining a full-time day job, attempting to blog occasionally, and planning a wedding, it's that my brain could not keep up with everything. I needed to make a change, so I'm currently using three planning systems to help me kick off the new year in an organized way. For my blog, I've been using the Rifle Paper 2018 planner to plan new content. I've also started creating my own bullet journal to plan new creative content for my day job, and I've been using a monthly calendar from Target to keep track of big projects and meetings.

4. Cutting down my closet: I mentioned back in the spring that I wanted to read The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees to create a more curated closet, but in the midst of moving to a new town and getting married, I didn't read a word of that book. I'm determined to make my way through it this year and to cut down on what I keep in my closet, replacing things I never wear with more investment pieces that will last me years.

5. Using the makeup I already own: Throughout most of my twenties, I've had the mentality that when it comes to new makeup, I must try it. This mindset has resulted in an overly cluttered makeup stash with products I've never touch or completely forgotten about. I've spent the past month sorting through my makeup and getting rid of things that are expired or that I'll never use. Being a beauty junkie, I can't possibly give up trying new makeup, but I do want to be smarter about what I purchase and how much I purchase.

I'm looking forward to what 2018 will bring! What about you; what goals have you set for yourself?