An Affordable Blush Palette

If you haven't stopped by your local drugstore beauty aisles lately, you need to because L'Oréal has been kicking butt in the affordable makeup category lately. I picked up a few new goodies from them a couple of months ago and (spoiler!) am so impressed with everything. If you had to pick up just one item, though, I'd highly recommend the Infallible Paints Blush Palette.

You get four blushes for $15–$16 (around $4 per blush, which is a steal), and the color range is impressive. I think all four look great on my very pale skin, as long as I use a lighter hand with the more vibrant colors. They last around ten hours for me before I look in the mirror and wonder where the color on my cheeks went, and their formula is smooth—just a little powdery, but very blendable.

Overall, I think this palette is a great value for the money you spend and the product you end up getting. Oh, and in case you're on the hunt for something else to try from the new line, I'd recommend their dual-ended eyeshadows or their colorful liquid eyeliners.

If you pick up anything new from L'Oréal, let me know what you think!