The Magic Foot Mask

The Magic Foot Mask | Re-Mix-Her
The Magic Foot Mask | Re-Mix-Her

In case you've been MIA from the world of beauty, foot masks and peels have been all the rage. To be honest, they freaked me out slightly when I first read about them; who wants to see layers of their feet peel away? I can't even watch the PedEgg commercials, so I surprised even myself when I saw these Tony Moly Foot Peeling Shoes in the aisle of doom at Ulta a few weekends ago and picked up two: one for my roommate and one for me.

Here's the gist, in case you haven't heard about these: You wear these serum-infused plastic masks on your foot for 1–2 hours, allowing the serum (full of natural acids and exfoliants) to penetrate deep into your skin. You wash off the serum, and after a few days (4–6 days, according to the Tony Moly shoes), your feet begin to peel. The result is smoother, healthier-looking feet. 

I was seriously skeptical these were going to work, especially after I didn't see any change after day three. But day four rolled around, and like magic my feet began to peel. (Stop reading now if you're easily freaked out by descriptions of feet.) It began at my heel and moved along the sides of my feet, eventually peeling at the top of my feet by day seven. My roommate noticed her feet were slightly itchy and dry leading up to the peeling, but both my roommate and I commented on our softer-than-normal feet a week into the treatment.

All in all, I think this was a fun experiment (and the socks from Tony Moly only run at about $7 a pair, so if you're in the mood for pampering your feet, it won't break the bank). Here's to baby-soft feet . . . just in time for boot season!