Learning to Balance

I often get the question, "So do you blog full-time?" When they find out my blog is just a side gig—really just a hobby I enjoy immensely—the question that inevitably comes next is, "How do you have time for it?" Up until the start of this year, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on balancing life. Between work, my blog, and my friends (which was a really small, close group because I'm an introvert at heart), I had a healthy balance of work and play.

At the start of this year, though, my friend group expanded quickly, and so did all the fun activities and events that come with that. My day job became busier. I found myself struggling to get in 40 hours of work each week, an hour of exercise each day, time for blogging, time for friends and fun, and time to keep up with long-distance family members and friends. I had to make sacrifices (usually sleep and working on weekends to make up for time I lost during the week). I found myself stressed out and feeling stretched thin (not a good thing for an introvert). I found myself feeling some serious FOMO, which I'd never struggled with before. 

I've quickly come to realize I need to get back to that place of balance in my life. I don't have it down pat yet . . . but I'm working on it.

Now if you were to ask me how do I have time for everything, I'd probably say to you that I don't have time for everything. Recently I've learned the importance of keeping a detailed agenda so my mind have to be responsible for everything on my to-do list. I've learned the importance of saying no. I've learned it's OK to skip out on some fun events for the sake of a break. I've also learned to give myself the freedom to take breaks and to be easier on myself if I can't get a new blog post up the next day or if I can't make it to a friend's house-warming party. I'm determined to get back to a place of healthy balance again in my life.

Do you struggle with balance? Any tips or wisdom to share with me?