Sorry for Judging You, Stick Foundations

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review | Re-Mix-Her

As someone with oily skin, I have avoided stick foundations like the plague. Traditionally they're known to be either extremely greasy or extremely powdery and dry. I personally can't wear something too glow-y, but I also don't want to cake my face with something powdery . . . so with all the stick foundations that have been releasing in the past year, I decided to save my money and put it toward foundations I knew I'd like.

Enter Anastasia Beverly Hills new stick foundations. They run at $25 a pop, which is fairly inexpensive in the world of high-end foundations. They have an incredible shade range to choose from, so if you feel like you can never find a foundation shade that's right for you, this would be the range to try. 

When you run the foundation stick across your face, the product applies seamlessly without feeling too greasy or too dry or without pulling on your skin. I like to apply mine with an incredibly dense brush (the one above I bought at TJ Maxx), and then I'll bounce a beauty sponge on top to get rid of any streaks. 

If you're like me with oily skin, I think you will love this foundation. It's long-wearing and is one of those foundations that only looks better the longer you wear it. I do find it creases in my smile lines after a few hours and can sometimes cling to the random dry patch I have occasionally on my face, but overall, I think this is one of my favorite foundations. It's incredibly convenient to have foundation in stick form, too, so I might be eating my words about stick foundations and trying more formulas. Sorry for judging you, stick foundations!