The Princess Product You Need (That Won't Break the Bank)

Mario Badescue Facial Spray Review | Re-Mix-Her

If you've never heard the term "princess product" before in the beauty world, let me fill you in. A princess product is one of those luxurious products that's absolutely, 100% unnecessary to your beauty routine (and normally it has a price tag to match its status). One of my favorite princess products I own and use on a daily basis . . . is only $7. Enter Mario Badescue's facial spray.

The Mario Badescue facial spray has aloe, herbs, and rosewater, and you can use it to prep your skin for makeup, to set your makeup, or to refresh your makeup throughout the day. It's a cult product within the beauty world and can be found within almost every beauty guru's stash. I personally like to use it to prep my skin before makeup. After I wash my face in the morning, I spritz this all over my face and lock in the hydration and other ingredients with moisturizer. 

Now that the fall season is nearing, it's prime time for dehydrated, dry skin to appear, so if you have dry skin, I'd highly recommend giving a bottle of this a go (especially for only $7). Even if you have oily skin like me and you tend to over-powder, this is a great setting spray that will cut the look of the powder and give your skin a really natural glow. If you're not a fan of the rose scent, you might not like the scent at first, but it dissipates quite quickly. I think you'll soon find this product reaching cult-status in your own beauty stash.