Soap & Glory Comes to Ulta

Soap & Glory Comes to Ulta | Re-Mix-Her
Soap & Glory Comes to Ulta | Re-Mix-Her

When I first delved into the beauty world of YouTube, particularly England-based vloggers, I was constantly hearing about a U.K. drugstore company called Soap & Glory. It was one of those elusive brands here in the States where you could find a few of their lotions and body products at some Sephoras, but the makeup was nearly impossible to find, unless you ordered from Amazon. So when the news released that Sephora and Soap & Glory were parting ways and Ulta and Soap & Glory were teaming up, beauty gurus everywhere rejoiced.

My local Ultas here in Omaha just started carrying a larger range of Soap & Glory body products and makeup here within the past month. (I've also spotted a few Walgreens and Targets making room for Soap & Glory displays.) I picked up a few items and have been giving them the test to give you all the rundown on what I think is worth picking up.

Overall, I've been impressed with what Soap & Glory has to offer in terms of makeup. One of their most popular products that I've had for quite a while (Sephora-era) is the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Lip Plump. This is without a doubt the strongest lip plumper I've ever used, so if you have sensitive skin or lips, if you don't like weird, slightly painful sensations, or if you don't like your lip products to smell strongly of minty chocolate, this probably isn't the lip product for you. I find it to be quite refreshing to use on my lips if I want the sensation of fuller lips; I don't know that it works quite as well as some of my other collagen-boosting plumpers, but it definitely works at giving your lips the sensation of being fuller and plumper. Again . . . this stuff is strong, so be warned if you are sensitive to irritating ingredients.

A much gentler lip product is their Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick (which I bought in the shade Naked Talent). They have a range of nudes and a range of slightly brighter colors, all of which are extremely wearable. I had a difficult time deciding which nude I wanted to go for, but Naked Talent seemed the closest to my lip color since it veered more toward pink than beige. 

I've been wearing Peach Party as a blush topper for a few weeks now. It's a very versatile product, in that you could easily wear it as a blush, a bronzer, or a highlighter, depending on how many colors you dip your brush into. 

My favorite product I've tried so far has been their One Heck of a Blot Powder. It's incredibly lightweight and perfect for touch-ups throughout the day. I'm planning on shifting mine into my handbag because it is just that good at making my makeup appear brand new and refreshed. 

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products (makeup or body/bath)? I'd love to know what your favorites are!